55-Min Initial or Subsequent Treatment $150
30-Min Subsequent Treatment $95
90-Min Subsequent Treatment $200
These rates are in effect from February 1st 2023

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60-Min Initial Acupuncture/TCM Assessment & Treatment $110
60-Min Subsequent Acupuncture/TCM Treatment $100

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90-Min Registered Massage Therapy $195 incl. GST
60-Min Registered Massage Therapy $130 incl. GST
45-Min Registered Massage Therapy $105 incl. GST
60-Min ICBC Initial Massage Therapy $11.35 incl. GST User Fee
45-Min ICBC Follow up Massage Therapy $15.75 incl. GST User Fee
60-Min ICBC Follow up Massage Therapy $40.75 incl. GST User Fee
60-Min Prenatal Massage Therapy $130 incl. GST

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15-Min Naturopathic Meet & Greet / Phone Consult FREE
60-Min Naturopathic Initial Consult $175
15-Min Naturopathic Brief Visit $50
30-Min Naturopathic Follow Up Visit $90
45-Min Naturopathic Extended Visit $135
30-Min Trigger Point Injections $120
60-Min IV Drip $140

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60-Min Initial or Subsequent Treatment $110
45-Min Subsequent Treatment $90
30-Min Subsequent Treatment $60
60-Min Package of 10 Treatments $990
60-Min Package of 6 Treatments $594
30-Min Package of 10 Treatments $540
30-Min Package of 6 Treatments $324

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90-Min Adult Initial Consultation $194
90-Min Children Initial Consultation $184
70-Min Follow up Adult/Children $94
60-Min Acute Consultation $84
90-Min Medical Intuitive Evaluation $160
60-Min Belvaspata Healing Long Distance Package $200
20-Min Complimentary Info Session FREE


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Please be aware that Osteopathy is not regulated, and Manual Osteopaths may have different coverage depending on the association they are affiliated with. Check with your benefits administrator for information about your group plan and benefits concerning coverage for the services of a manual osteopath. It is important to note that osteopathy treatment can not be billed directly to insurance companies. You will be given a receipt with the practitioner’s license number to submit to your insurance provider.

Canadians who pay for manual osteopathic care are eligible to claim the expenses as “medical expenses” in their annual personal income tax return to receive a deduction on their annual personal income tax payment.

This is applicable only to patients without a private extended healthcare plan. If the cost of manual osteopathic care is covered and paid by a third-party payor, the individual cannot use the receipt for a tax credit. However, the portion of the treatment that is not covered by the extended health plan (and paid by the patient) can be claimed as a medical expense in Canada. Consult with your accountant or financial professional to find the best option for your financial situation.

Most insurance companies in British Columbia do offer osteopathic coverage, but it depends on your individual plan. Upon payment, a receipt will be issued to you that you can then submit to your insurance company. You do not need a referral from your family doctor to see your osteopathic practitioner.